Speaking of Sunday: “The Spirit Reveals the Mind of Christ”

The Church for the Glory of God | 1 Corinthians 2.10-16

12 We have not received the spirit of the world but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us.

Are you a Christian?

Lots of evangelists will ask people if they know God. But, have you every asked yourself if God knows you? Does he understand what you need and what you go through each week? “Does God ‘get’ me?”

The answer is, God certainly does. No, really – let that sink in for a minute. God ‘gets’ you. He knows you intimately – your thoughts and your desires. Not just the things you want in life but why you want them. Which is amazing considering that, on any given day, we many not even know why we want something, or why we’re working for this or that, or why we’re being nice to this person or why we’ve brushed that person off. God knows.

And he wants you to know him, too. Many people think that ‘getting saved’ is about asking Jesus into your heart. But, it isn’t really. That phrase isn’t even in the Bible. At the heart of salvation is a relationship. Like a husband who gives his fiancee a ring, we would be foolish to think that the ring was the end-all-be-all of life. Jesus gives himself and his Spirit, removing the barrier of sin between us and bringing you close. He not only knows you, but through his Spirit he lets you know him. “Salvation from sin” is the initial payoff of that relationship. But, the real gift of God is himself. It doesn’t just take a lifetime to enjoy that gift. It takes an afterlifetime.

This week, you may be wondering what God was thinking. The great thing is, you can ask him. Being “saved” is not just a way to avoid Hell – it is to know God in his Spirit in the everyday things of your life. For example: showing grace to people who hurt me is not my first reaction, and it probably isn’t yours, either. So, if God puts you in a stressful situation in order for you to forgive the same way Christ forgives you, that information would be a welcome help! In fact, you might come to love God more when you see him working directly in your life rather than just settling for “coincidences.”

To be “saved” – to stop unbelieving God’s Word and start believing him – is a gift, but it’s not the ultimate one. God himself is the root of our salvation. Now is the perfect time to ask God for the Spirit of Christ to show you what he “saved” you for.


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